Royal Danish Navy Gin

Over the centuries, both the Danish merchant fleet and the Danish navy have established close ties with the Danish colonies, as well as providing the exotic spices we have brought home from our overseas territories. Tranquebar Royal Danish Navy Gin confirms the old traditions. The navy protected the Danish population in the colonies, the fleet brought the exotic tastes and aromas home, and the sailors received their daily ration of navy gin.

In accordance with the age-old customs of the navy, Tranquebar Royal Danish Navy Gin is rich in both taste and alcohol. This small batch premium gin is supplied with a whole 52% alcohol volume: perfectly consistent with history, which has always dictated a high alcohol level for the seafaring people. Neither, for that matter, should it be forgotten that alcohol, on a par with salt and sugar, acts as a flavour enhancer.Despite its high alcohol content, Tranquebar Royal Danish Navy Gin is wonderfully soft and mild and can easily be drank pure. Yet the strength gives the gin a great robustness in cocktails.

Tranquebar Royal Danish Navy Gin is a premium small batch gin, which is only produced in a few thousand bottles at a time. The fact that you can taste subtle differences from batch to batch is part of its charm and makes this gin pleasantly recognisable while also adding a new angle to the familiar taste. This is how you can tell its unique and great craftsmanship.


Juniper and citrus mixed with a dash of honey.


First an intense sweetness and heat, followed by juniper and citrus fruits. Nutmeg, cardamom and coriander.


Deep umami, warm spices and a soft, aromatic hint of citrus fruits.

The Pure Gin


Slices of lime and mint leaves direct into the gin.

Gin Mixers

Royal Danish navy Gin & Tonic

Choose a crisp dry tonic.
2 parts gin
4 parts tonic
5 drops angostura bitters
Squeezed fresh lime slices

Shake the gin and angostura briefly with crushed ice. Add tonic. Squeeze the lime peel over the glass.

Tranquebar Navy grog.

4 parts Tranquebar Royal Danish Navy Gin
2 parts lemon juice
2 parts pear brandy
Sparkling wine

Shake all the ingredients aside from the sparkling wine with plenty of ice. Pour over ice cubes in a large balloon glass and then fill with sparkling wine according to taste.


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