Colonial Gin

Many centuries have passed since two Dutch merchants gained access to the Danish king. The industrious men had a rather special errand at the Royal Court. It had been suggested to the king that he establish a colony in East India. Words became actions, and Denmark, by peaceful means, established the small colony of Tranquebar.

Now the Danish king had access to the mysteries of the Far East, including the sought-after spices of vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, star anise and coriander.

One of the Dutch tradesmen had found, back in 1616,something as exotic as a recipe for gin. It is the recipe from Jan De Willum’s preserved archives that forms the basis for the Tranquebar Colonial Gin we know today. Now as well as then, the warm, aromatic spices from the Indian continent dominate this premium small batch gin.


Fresh orange peel and a subtle touch of lime unite with the warm spices of nutmeg, cardamom and a hint of cinnamon. Together they comprise an extremely fine balance between the warm eastern spices paired with gentle citrus oils.


A complimentary sweetness unites with the aromatic citrus fruits. You can detect a weak hint of mint leaves. The wild juniper berries lie wrapped around the other impressions of coriander, vanilla and nutmeg.


Citrus fruits with cinnamon and again,mint leaves.

The Pure Gin


Squeeze some fresh orange peel over the glass, rubbing the orange zest against the edge. A thin slice of cucumber in the glass provides the perfect counterpartto the sweetness in the drink.

Gin Mixers

Gin & Tonic

Choose a slightly sweet tonic.
2 parts gin
4 parts tonic
A couple of mint leaves, in the glass
Orange peel, squeezed over the glass

Shake the gin briefly with crushed ice. Add the tonic and mint leaves. Squeeze the orange peel over the glass.

Tranquebar Negroni.

Choose a slightly sweet tonic.
2 parts Tranquebar Colonial Gin
2 parts Campari or similar
2 parts dry French vermouth

Shake with plenty of ice. Pour over crushed ice in a large balloonglass.


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