Tranquebar Anniversary 400 Gin

Four hundredyears have passed since Denmark, by peaceful means, bought itself a small colony on the east coast of India. It is a place where, then as much as now, the visitor is metwith an array of tastes, smells and sounds that, for the typical Dane, can only be considered as exotic.

Vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, anise, coriander and wild tropical cranberries dominate everything that is eaten and drunk here. We wanted to create a gin to celebrate this important anniversary: a gin which, if you shut your eyes, could,through its taste and aroma, transport you from your own familiar shores to the southeast of India on the Indian Ocean.


Mild vanilla, cardamom and light orange zest create a very fine balance between the warm eastern spices paired with the soft citrus oils.


Lemon twist with cardamom and vanilla in the background, followed by coriander and umami from the nutmeg. Astrong and mildly rounded taste that perfectly balances the warm spices with the crisp herbs, while behind it all liesa blanket of wild cranberries.


Here the citrus oils dominate, together with the vanilla. Over time, the cranberries and cinnamon move to the forefront.

The Pure Gin


Rub a couple of rosemary leavesbetween your fingers and add them to this pure gin. Press a slice of lime against the edge of the glass. Finish by squeezing a little lime zest over the glass. Enjoy this digestive drink at room temperature after a good meal.

Gin Mixers

Gin & Tonic

Choose a tonic which is not too dry.
2 parts gin
4 parts Tonic
Sprig of rosemary

Briefly shake the gin with crushed ice. Add thetonic and a small sprig of rosemary. Rub the edge of the glass with lime. Add a freshly cut slice of lime and enjoy.

Pink Gin & tonic

Choose a tonic which is not too dry.
2 dele gin
4 dele Tonic
4 drops angostura
Fresh cranberries
Blend the gin with crushed ice and angostura. Add tonic. Finally, add the fresh frozen cranberries and enjoy.


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