A historical masterpiece
Tranquebar Gin – Since 1616

The story of Tranquebar Gin began in late 1615, when two resident Danish merchants, Jan de Willum from Amsterdam and Herman Rosenkrantz from Rotterdam, contacted King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway with a proposal to set up a trading company which would focus on trade with the Far East, in particular India, along the lines of the Dutch West India company (VOC).

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Tranquebar Gin is part of the A.H.Riise Spirits family

A.H. Riise Spirits is still a relatively young company, but our brands have a long history dating back hundreds of years.

Historically, the Danish Navy in particular, and seamen in general, have had considerable influence on what we drink today

Spices imported into Denmark by the Danish East India company back in 1620′ were introduced as a flavouring to ‘genever’, which later gave name to Tranquebar Gin. .

In June 1838, the Danish Government officially appointed Albert Heinrich Riise as the exclusive pharmacist for the island of Saint Thomas, in the Caribbean, and granted him monopoly status to produce alcohol in his pharmacy.

A.H. Riise and Sons won numerous awards – Gold at the Worlds Columbian exposition in Chicago 1893. The Copenhagen 1888 World Expo and several last year.

A.H. Riise Spirits exports these and other brands to over 25 countries across the globe.

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